Hannah James Race

Hannah James Race

Buckinghamshire  ·  Freelance motorsport professional and sports economist
Hannah James Race
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Milton Keynes. I love the place though

Funny pictures about The town I live in. Oh, and cool pics about The town I live in. Also, The town I live in.

Emma Prew has a blog: Milton Keynes streets

It’s no secret that I’m not particularly fond of my hometown, but since moving back here after university I have learnt to appreciate it for.

Combination lock bottle stop

Combination locks for the bottles in your liquor cabinet. Most people have wine in the house. Whether it is to drink or they use wine to cook. Now you never have to worry about kids getting into any of it! Parenting just got a little easier.

Ain't it true...#Gibson #guitar #custom #335

An older advertisement, the humorous message behind it connects with multiple audiences. The main takeaway that people remember is loud and been around for a long time.

Lego Electric Guitar

A working Lego Guitar. This inspired the guitar Trey was given by a fan that was made from Legos. I'm sure the fact that I have a son who is obsessed with Legos also had something to do with it. Admit it, you want one now.