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Spring Wedding Trends Give your guests confetti, sprinkles, or glitter. to throw instead of rice - - definitely want confetti or glitter or both for my wedding.

Happening! ADORABLE TOSS IDEA! And the envelope says… “Sprinkle them with *joy?* on the SWEETEST day of their lives! SUPER CUTE!

Sprinkle Wedding Toss Packets - Sprinkle them with joy on the SWEETEST day of their lives. OR throw sprinkles instead of rice. for the sweetest day of our lives!

Throw sprinkles instead of rice for weddings! Cute idea, they say the pictures turn out amazing!

They say, throw sprinkles instead of rice for weddings.the pictures turn out amazing. I LOVE SPRINKLES! how perfect. I want this picture with his hands under mine and our rings sitting in the sprinkles!

Photograph your guests at your wedding!

WEDDING PHOTOS - Draw a heart on the ground with chalk so you can get this amazing photo op - Nice idea for the family/group photo that doesn't just look like a jumble, much quicker/easier to organize everyone, and no height worries.