How to Write an Essay Like the Pros (Infographic)  #ielts  #esol

How to Write an Essay Like the Pros (Infographic) - Need help writing your paper for college or school? These essay tips are amazing!

12 Creative Study Techniques.

12 Creative Study Techniques

Top 12 creative study techniques that aren't normally shared. Good resource for studying for finals and midterms in college or high school! studying tips, study tips

Love this way of thinking when you're writing an argument.

Essay Writing Tip: "If you can't imagine dropping the mic after the final sentence in your essay, your conclusion needs to be stronger." – life hacks via 1000 Life Hacks

Guide to making a successful study strategy!

How to Make a Study Plan for Finals

How to Make a Study Plan for Finals - Sara Laughed- helpful at any time crammed with exams and papers!

How to focus

11 Ways that Keep You Focused

Our new infographic about how to focus. Latest focus hacks from our team: And here is a list of all hacks: Keep food on your desk. Glucose help your brain focus. Turn off the phone. Most phone calls are not urgent. Get a good chair.

Music’s effect on learning.

Music’s effect on learning: parts of the brain, how music works and info on music to study to. I appreciate that they note the complexity of music the brain areas involved in it, and don't assume there's one brain region that "does music.

youaretheairinmyalveoli: “Fair warning, this is an extremely lengthy process. I suggest you do this chapter by chapter throughout the semester. If you try to do it all one week before your exams you won’t get halfway through one class in time, let.

Study Tip

Study Tip: Start 2 Weeks Ahead! — Start studying 1 hour every day for 2 weeks prior to a test.

hard work.

Studying in segments is better than marathon study sessions. Use this technique to study better. # study tips

Simple ideas to remember to make your next study session more productive.

8 Tips For Studying studying tips homework (important to consider study surroundings, clothing, and other environmental factors)

How Note-Taking Helps You Learn and Organize

How Note-Taking Helps You Learn and Organize

Note-taking Effectiveness in the Digital Classroom Infographic - e-Learning Infographics