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What's Eating you?: Are You Gaining Weight Because Of Your Emotions?

Freeze the tears and make homemade ice cream // 16 things to do with the tears you cry while listening to Adele's new album

Can You Truly Design Your Life?: Goals and How You Achieve Them All The Time - Time...

Can You Truly Design You Life? You are living the result of your beliefs about yourself and your.

Want a nudge on how to stop smoking from a hypnotherapist? Read this! http://www.health-success.co.uk/13-reasons-want-know-stop-smoking/

Here are my 13 Best Reasons every smoker should read if they want the nudge to quit for good. As a Hypnotist I work with smokers for Smoking Cessation on a weekly basis. Read on, do what’s right for you right now and make today the day you turn and …

Are The Days of Couch Therapy Finally Numbered?: In the age of 'speed' is Therapy following suit? C...

Are The Days of Couch Therapy Finally Numbered?

Highly recommended! http://www.health-success.co.uk/hypnotherapist-manchester/

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