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Truth. It's better to keep things to yourself than to have them misinterpreted or falsified. Some things can't be prevented, like people intentionally damaging your good reputation, but some things can be prevented by knowing when, and (more importantly) who, to stay silent around!

Gossips Are Worse Than Thieves Because They Steal Another Person's Dignity, Honest, Reputation And Credibility, Which Are Impossible To Restore. So Remember This "When Your Feet Slip You Can Balance But When Your Tongue Slips You Cannot Recover Your Words

A gossip's mouth is the devil's postbag. - Gaelic Proverb #proverbs #quotes

Gossip doesn't have to be about someone's character, it can also be when you repeat things said by someone else and pass them off at truth. If it doesn't concern you, keep your big nose out of it. or your big ass