Great concept for child portrait, simple changes to line weight to add radiance. Layered portrait sketch by Danny O'Connor

Choose the perfect piece of art for your space

Love this concept it shows how many things this society can put in your head because society likes thin people

Beaumont School: GCSE Art and Design

Tips for producing an amazing art sketchbook (for GCSE/IGCSE art students or anyone interested in art)

Saatchi Online Artist: Simon Birch; Pencil, 2012, Drawing "untitled"

"Untitled" - Simon Birch, pencil on paper 2012 {contemporary artist male heads portrait drawing}

Self conflict. Expressing emotions through song lyrics

Expressing emotions through song lyrics This is a perfect Inspiration for the GCSE question on Disguises. Add dripping wax etc like you did with your textured canvas.

French artist Annette Messager incorporates photographs, prints, drawings and various materials to create beautiful & haunting art installations.

Mainly known for her installation work, French artist Annette Messager often incorporates photographs, prints and drawing into a final sculptural project.