Static Electricity Game - (cool) progeny

science + play: static electricity game

It’s a science experiment. Need a fun and easy indoor activity this winter? Try this Static Electricity game that doubles .

Using circuits to make games and activities

Children are shown using simple electrical circuits to produce games and activities.

Mains power and the dangers of electricity

How the electricity known as mains power is produced and travels to houses.

How is electricity made?

Film explaining how electricity is made

The dangers of electricity

The dangers of approaching a powerful source of electricity are demonstrated.

Where does electricity come from?

How pylons and cables carry electricity through the countryside and in cities.

What would you miss most if there was no electricity?

What would you miss most if there was no electricty?

A comparison of two Peruvian villages with and without electricity

A comparison of life in two Peruvian villages focusing on electricity provision.

Renewable energy sources

A look at renewable sources of energy which are replenished or available for a long time.


How biomass can be burned to produce heat and generate electricity.

Electricity produced by generators

Design and Technology - Electricity produced by generators