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Star Wars Cats

Funny pictures about May the cats be with you. Oh, and cool pics about May the cats be with you. Also, May the cats be with you.

Korra finds Naga.                               I love them both so much.

My name is Nadia. Im i have a pet polardog named vi. I love the cold and i never takes off my water necklace. I was found in a snowstorm.

Design for a solar wind bridge that could potentially power 15,000 homes and grow vegetables.   Conception d'un pont vent solaire qui pourrait alimenter de l'énergie pour jusequ'a 15.000 maisons et cultiver des légumes.

Why just use solar power or wind power when you could use both? The design by italian innovators Francesco Colarossi and Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino for a solar wind bridge could power homes and grow vegetables.

Ekso's Exoskeletons Let Paraplegics Walk, Will Anyone Actually Wear One?

Exsoskeleton armor gives superhuman strength to regular people and paralyzed people the ability walk. This is one of the ultimate robotics usage!

Norwegian photographer Christopher Jonassen's Devour series re-contextualizes a collection of  worn-out frying pans to make them appear like undiscovered planets from outer space.

Some of Jupiter's moons! There are 67 confirmed moons of Jupiter. This gives Jupiter the largest number of moons with reasonably secure orbits of any planet in the Solar System.