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Iceland Hetalia! "Hmph"!

This is my best friend Iceland or Emil. For some reason he acts really "Tsundere" around me is what kiku calls it. He's actually really funny and cool!

2p England, 2p America and 2p Russia ][ At least, they are a bit more realistic than the actual fanon ones.

Hetalia / Designs of England, America, and Russia that are more similar to the canon sketches Himaruya drew

2p Nordic Five , from Hetalia. Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden

Yeah so I'm sorry I tried to finish this up pretty quickly . I'm in a McDonald's using their WIFI to upload this . APH: The Guardians

Hetalia - 2p Sweden, 2p Norway, 2p Iceland, 2p Denmark, and 2p Finland : Nordics

Hetalia - Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Finland : Nordics <<<< Sweden kind of reminds me of Grill from Black Butler.

2p Hetalia From left to right 2p Finland(Thurston Väinämöinen), 2p Sealand(Paul Kirkland),2p Ladonia(Arvid Oxenstierna) and 2p Sweden(Bernard Oxenstierna)

Hetalia From left to right Finland(Thurston Väinämöinen), Sealand(Paul Ladonia(Arvid Oxenstierna) and Sweden(Bernard Oxenstierna)