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The Hawkey Initiative: Spoofing Sexism in Comics. And it WOULD be Hawkeye, wouldn't it?

Meme Watch: The Hawkeye Initiative Hilariously Addresses Sexism In Comics With Sexy Hawkeye

Eyebrows of disappointment<<Everytime You are considering to procrastinate about anything think of the eyebrows of disappointment

Damn gotta change my life choices cause I know I'd be getting some of those eyebrows of disappointment right now - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

I take most of my political advice from hobbits, thank you very much. Their mayor mostly presides over banquets, and their police force is mostly their to find stray cattle. Clearly it is a successful system.

Pfft! as IF it'll be up to the KIDS what they get signed up for. Moms always do t h a t.

>>> Ok, but Do It Yourself Murder, Voodoo, and Advanced Darkness sound fun. Unlike MOST after-school activities.