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Isabella Cipriano
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Soft cel-shading tutorial More

how to draw - Soft cel-shading tutorial

Drawings Lights Concept

As per request: One technique for Adding Glow Effects in Manga Studio/ Clip Studio Paint. Please feed the artist by checking out my Patreon. How To Create Glowing Effects

Kuwayama jewellery - entrenous by LE NOEUD

Kuwayama jewellery - The International Pearl Design Contest Gold Prize, Free Design Category, Akoya Pearl Special Prize, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award

Medieval, Wilhelmshöhe Castle, Kassel, Germany

Medieval, Wilhelmshöhe Castle, Kassel, Germany photo via brenda.true magick in the mist.

Sanctuary by on @deviantART. I think Lavi, the kid, and Quinn/whatever her name is stay here for a little while

it makes me wonder if we'll find beauty in the ruins of the end of the world. If for the first few years we'll just marvel at the sad gorgeousness of ruin.

Polandphoto via bernadette

Through the trees - Bright contrast lighting picture

Sorry for the severe lack of activity. I'm on my third quarter right now and I've been busy as heck; Comics are a lot of hard work man Anyway. How I cel shade things!

I had the exact same idea for a space scifi action story I was writing

Lovely old style open hearth and witchy room.

21 year old domestic and kitchen witch. Once I have my own place I will delve into more herbs and gardening.

Old English myth

i want a fantasy series in which all of these grandma hero prompts are compiled into three separate books and then there's a fourth book that comes out in which they all meet up for knitting and exchanging recipes and then they go fight evil