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5-Ingredient Low Fat Flourless Protein Brownies - Vegan, Gluten-Free, Healthy, Low Carb, Oil-Free
Zero Carb Gummy Candy - a sweet fruity treat! Perfect for anyone on a low carb diet.
Small village
Lutèce, am Fuß des Berges, am Fluss
Gnomish treehouse
This is the best low carb chocolate ice cream recipe, hands down. For serious chocolate lovers, with rich dark chocolate flavour. No sugar and so creamy! Keto recipe
The Atkins diet is a low-carbohydrate diet, usually recommended for weight loss. Proponents of this diet claim that you can lose weight eating as much protein and fat as you want, as long as you avoid foods high in carbs. In the past 12 years, over 20 studies have shown that low-carb diets are effective for weight loss (without calorie counting), and can lead to various health improvements. Learn more here: https://authoritynutrition.com/atkins-diet-101/
DIY Color-Tinted Skeleton Leaves. Science and crafting all in one!
I noticed that there are not very many Atkins recipes here on JAP.. So here is one of my favs. I have modified a recipe to make it Atkins friendly and oh so yummy!!! So enjoy, and eat up!!!