Triangular geometries creating an abstract form

Amazing Architecture Amazing Mesh - Art Deco style design design office design and decoration interior design

Niall McLaughlin Architects - Chapel, Ripon College Cuddesdon, near Oxford

"in the round" but in a long rectangular space.Niall McLaughlin Architects - Chapel, Ripon College Cuddesdon, near Oxford

Urban Scaffolding // Andamio Urbano // Not sure if this is the building or the scaffolding, but it is elegantly beautiful.


Intricate line work-- grid structure and linear quality architecture, cube, modern, contemporary design

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Exhibition at Caixaforum 'Construir la Revolución' Build the revolution. Art and architecture in Russia, 1915-1935 addresses one of the most outstanding periods in the history of architecture, ranging from the years before the October Revolution to the founding of the USSR. The artists and architects come together under the Bolshevik cause to create, through art and architecture, a new society based on socialist ideas. It was a period highlighted by the radical proposals of architects like…

'Shabolovka Radio Tower, Moscow, Russia' by English photographer Richard Pare The tower was designed in 1922 by Russian engineer & architect Vladimir Shukhov via arch daily

BAC2 - Graphisme - Référent Exercice 1 Structure

Composition, Structure, I chose this photo for structure because it shows a very solid shape in structure. This photo exemplifies contrast, and black and white.

Untitled by q... focusing on other media / gstremer | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

It's so odd for me to see this building without the Comic Con International it's interesting that even people who aren't at SDCC still like to photograph the Death Star Cannon interior design design design office

lorenzo linthout

thekhooll: “ The City of Silence The city of silence by Lorenzo Linthout : metaphysics and architecture in the urban scene.

Herzog & de Meuron. Olympic Stadium Beijing . Foto -Zhu Feng.

Inside Herzog & de Meuron Bird's Nest

STRUCTURE- Herzog de Meuron "Bird’s Nest" / National Stadium (The Main Stadium for the 2008 Olympic Games) / Beijing, China /Competition realization

Lighting details, used this very image as an initial precedent for the PG Bison Competition 2014

Peter Eisenman's Berlin/Holocaust memorial Light and Shadow. I like the way the structure of the building creates strong impressions of light and dark. Also the juxtaposition between the natural and man-made forces interests me.