Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie

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"Key" lime pie

Key Lime Pie Shake ■ Trop 50 oj ■ 1 Tbsp lime juice ■ 1 to 1 tsp fat free cream cheese ■ 1 Tbsp lime sugar free jello ■ 1 Tbsp cheesecake sugar free pudding mix ■ Ice & Blend


Black and White water hand Octopus tentacles squid suction carnivora-animalia

nautical print

"remember whe you were my boat and I was your sea, together we'd float so delicately" .love this idea for tattoo. I get the ship, he gets the anchor

Anchor Button

Button Anchor Stitch, I don't sew much, more like ever. But maybe someday I'd like to stitch a few buttons with this neat idea.

It is Well.........

never thought I'd say I had a favorite hymn.but it is well with my soul is my favorite hymn.

Victory at Sea

Would watch with my dad.He was a sailor in WWII!

At sea

Kansuke Yamamoto (Japanese, 1914 – A Chronicle of Drifting - 1949 - Collage print © Toshio Yamamoto Private collection, entrusted to Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

Burial at sea

Burial at sea: burial at sea after the kamikaze attack. 16 men lost their lives as a result of this action

Rose's Lime Juice

Rose's Lime Juice-always add to margarita ;