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Antique Aneroid Barometers

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Antique Stick Barometers

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Antique Wheel Barometer

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Antique Thermometers

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Antique Clocks, Timers & Calendars

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Antique Meteorological Instruments

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Antique Barographs

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Russells Hand Anemometer by J Hicks of London | Jason Clarke Antiques
Russells Hand Anemometer by J Hicks of London | Jason Clarke Antiques

Antique Anemometers

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Late Victorian Cased Daniells Hygrometer by Negretti & Zambra London | Jason Clarke Antiques
Edwardian Cased Pocket Damp Protector or Hygrometer by Aitchison & Co | Jason Clarke Antiques

Antique Hygrometers

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Antique Sun Dials

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London, Meteorology, Dial, Barometer, The Unit, Victorian
12" Dial Victorian Aneroid Barometer by Blake & Son of London & Gosport
Pocket Sand, Instruments, Sand Timers, Chemistry, Medical, Antiques, Case
Late Victorian pocket sand timer with shagreen case
Barometers, Moving To England, Old London, Bond Street, Mid, Centre
Mid Victorian Aneroid Barometer by M Pillischer of Bond Street, London
Vintage Fa, Regency London, Maker’s Mark, Hygrometer, Collingwood, Art Deco Period
Art Deco Period Ceramic Wine Cellar Thermometer
London Today, Oak, Carving, Wood Carvings, Sculptures, Printmaking, Wood Carving
Early Victorian Aneroid Barometer on Carved Oak Stand by Frederick Cox, London
Great Fire Of London, The Great Fire, Charles I, Jason Clarke, Thirty Years' War, Sundials, Antiques For Sale
Early Seventeenth Century Charles I Period Horizontal Sun Dial - 1625
Medals, Ranch, Exhibition, Maker, Military
1862 London International Exhibition Prize Medal for Carl Ranch Chronometer Maker
Wasting My Time, Making Friends, Tester, The Twenties, Sons
Art Deco Dragoyle Air Tester by John Swain & Son Ltd
Rain Gauge, Office Meeting, Mantel Clock, Gauges, Lamp, Ears Piercing, Plugs
Met Office recording rain gauge by F Darton & Co Limited
Gothic Type, Square Columns, Pillar Design, Vernier, Original Travel, Fleet Street, Pediment
Mid Victorian Carved Walnut Stick Barometer by Negretti & Zambra, London
Georgian, Matthews, Clock, Watch, Georgian Language, Clocks
Georgian Five Inch Sun Dial by Matthew Berge - Royal Observatory Interest
John Newman, Regents, Scale, Weighing Scale
Early Victorian Platinum Scale Stick Barometer by John Newman, 122 Regent Street London
Antique Wall Clock, Newcastle, Home Decor, Antiquities
Exhibition Quality Aneroid Wheel Barometer by TB Winter & Son of Newcastle
Rosewood, Leather Watch, Decor
William IV Six Inch Dial Rosewood Wheel Barometer by Francis Amadio London
Early Victorian Mahogany Stick Barometer by Patrick Adie of London
Golden Oak, Edwardian, Bookends, Decoration Home, Room Decor
Edwardian Golden Oak Barograph by J Hicks London
Mariners, Society, Watches
Victorian Shipwrecked Fishermen & Mariners Benevolent Society Barometer by Dollond
Sundial, Edinburgh, Early, Century, My Son
Very Large Early Nineteenth Century Sun Dial by Adie & Son Edinburgh
Thermometer, Porcelain, 10 Things, Accessories, Porcelain Ceramics
Late Victorian Porcelain Minimum Thermometer by Dollond London
Cooking Timer, Rare, Musical Instruments, Tools
Rare Land Aneroid Barometer by Negretti & Zambra, London
Brass Desk, Aviation Industry, Fitzroy, Two By Two, Weather
Brass Desk Weather Forecaster by Negretti & Zambra London
Brandon White, The London Gazette, Big Cardboard Boxes, Gothic Quarter, Bethnal Green, Ring Displays
Large Victorian Carved Oak Wall Aneroid Barometer by James Pitkin London
Large, Wall
Victorian Large Scale Porcelain Wall thermometer by Negretti & Zambra
Tough Day, Frame Stand, Perpetual Calendar, Standing, Desk
Early Twentieth Century Desk Standing Perpetual Calendar by Negretti & Zambra
Mr Adams, Tycho Brahe, Charing Cross, Trust Fund, Beginning Writing
Late Eighteenth Century Sun Dial by George Adams of Fleet Street London
Miniature Desk, Miniatures
Rare Victorian Cased Miniature Desk Thermometer by CW Dixey of Bond Street, London
Antique Barometer, Uk Arms, Egyptian Motifs, Grill Cover, Thermometers
Art Deco Thermo Vane Desk Thermometer by Schaeffer & Budenberg New York
Wellington, Antique
Victorian Wheel Barometer Commemorating the Life of the Duke of Wellington
Wood Case, Unusual, Pocket, Canning
Victorian Pocket Travel Thermometer by B. Waldstein of Venice
Wall Mount, Mounting, Electronic Products, Wall Installation
Victorian Wall Mounted Hygrometer by Negretti & Zambra London
London Clock, New Fathers, Clock Movements, Banbury, Northampton, Pointers, George
George IV Clock Wheel Barometer for Tarelli of Northampton with Tagliabue Provenance
Mid Victorian Rosewood Stick Barometer by Negretti & Zambra London
Mid Victorian Rosewood Stick Barometer by Negretti & Zambra London
Glass Vessel, Optician
Early Victorian Farmers Stick Barometer by Negretti & Zambra
George III Wheel Barometer by The Globemakers J&W Newton of 66 Chancery Lane London
George III Wheel Barometer by The Globemakers J&W Newton of 66 Chancery Lane London
Wall Clock
Georgian Wheel Barometer with Rare Painted Dial by Volenterio
Early Victorian Met Office Aneroid Precision Barometer by Patrick Adie London
Early Victorian Met Office Aneroid Precision Barometer by Patrick Adie London
Victorian Desk, Serpentine, Coffee Maker
Large Victorian Desk Thermometer on Serpentine Base by Negretti & Zambra London
Antique Mantel Clocks, Mantel Mirrors, Mantle Clock, Fireplace Decor, Mirror Decor, Clock Keys, Clock Parts, New Century
World War 2 RAF Sergeants Mess Fusee Mantle Clock by Stockall, Marples & Co, London
Velvet Interiors, Weather Forecast, Logo Stamp
Victorian Miniature Open Dial Aneroid Barometer by PNHB of Paris
Pagoda, Atlas
Early Victorian Pagoda Stick Barometer by Bate of London