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Physics & Technology Antiques

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Physics Antiques

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Technology Antiques

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Metal Spring, One Inch, Cylinder Shape, Wooden Rings, Crepe Paper, Spindle, Cherry Wood, Wood Handle, Winters
Very Large Victorian Winters Pattern Electrostatic Machine
Central Table, Electric Charge, Brass Plaques, Engraved Plaque, Henleys, Distillation, A Table, Vertical, Victorian
Late Victorian Henley’s Universal Discharger by C Gerhardt of Bonn
Spark Gap, Egg Experiments, Michael Faraday, Glass Flask, Charing Cross, Electrical Engineering, Absinthe Fountain, In The Heights
Victorian Faradays Egg Experiment by William Ladd, London
Electrostatic Generator, British Inventors, Lloyd's Of London, Royal Society, Leather Band, Mahogany, Insulated, Physics
Very Large Late Victorian Wimshurst Machine with Four Leyden Jars
Fire Extinguisher, Bookends, Bucket, London, Technology, Antiques, Decor
Victorian Salesmans Sample of a Patent Bucket Fire Extinguisher by Messer & Thorpe London
John Browning, Medical Careers, Beckley, Collingwood, Green Interiors, Cheltenham, Rose Bowl, Portsmouth
Mid Victorian Cased Miniature Spectroscope by John Browning of The Strand London
Steam Engine, Kohls, Ham Holder, Engineering, Model, Home Decor
Steam Engine Demonstration Model For Projection by Max Kohl AG Chemnitz
Bristol, Home Appliances, King, Large, House Appliances
Very Large Late Victorian Wimshurst Machine by King Mendham & Co Bristol
Metronome, Steel Rod, Ingenious, It Cast, Cast Iron, The Twenties, The Outsiders, Two By Two, Century
Early Twentieth Century Pinfolds Patent Archimedian Ring Sizing Tool
Décor, Home Décor, Home, Lightning
Eighteenth Century Electrostatic Insulating Stool or Lightning Stool
Big Cardboard Boxes, Desk Lamp, Table Lamp, Baseboards, Pulley, Galvanized Steel, The Hood, Wands
Mid Twentieth Century Demonstration Van Der Graaff Generator by Philip Harris
London Today, Liquor Cabinet, George, Lighting
Cased Nairne Pattern Electrostatic Machine with Accessories by George Adams of London
Georgian, Candle Holders, Candles, Lamp, Table
Georgian Electrostatic Machine Insulating Table Stand
Gyroscope, Mirror, Tech
Victorian Cased Demonstration Gyroscope by Elliott Brothers London
Kauffman, Exposure, Wallet, Antiquities, Antique
Le Posographe Photographic Exposure Calculating Machine by Auguste Kauffman