Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustrations; fashion design development; fashion portfolio // Valeria Pulici

Portfolio ss16 overview

Fashion Sketchbook showing fashion illustrations, fashion design developmen, fashion portfolio created by Valeria Pulici

Fashion Knitwear Sketchbook - drawing, design, moodboard, development - "CUT & PASTE" collection, rory longdon

Rory Longdon - ArtsThread Profile

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustrations & textile samples; fashion portfolio // Giryung Kim

portfolio final collection

The positive about this piece of work is that it shows 3 different ways, samples of the fabric, illustrations and flats all used with the same print.

ARTS THREAD Portfolios - Fashion Illustration and Design

I'd love a colourful illustration like this one on a paper layer with the acetate layer on top carrying the lettering and wedding info. ARTS THREAD Portfolios - Fashion Illustration and Design

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design drawings & textiles; fashion portfolio // Giryung Kim

Miu miu collection


This image shows the materials that would be used in my art education setting. The fabrics are used to create the clothing used in the photo shoots.

Harley Ellis Fashion Futures sketchbook

Harley Ellis Fashion Futures sketchbook- Tap the link now to see our super collection of accessories made just for you!

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion drawings; fashion design development; fashion portfolio // Felicity Bradshaw

Abduction - Final Collection

Abduction, a collection which utilizes carbon fibre in various ways and in turn leads the audience to question their established perceptions of clothing. This debut collection encourages the notions of bringing innovative and technological concepts to

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design development; fashion portfolio layout; fashion illustration // Mirjam Maeots

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