Cindy Sherman - Untitled, 1989

Cindy Sherman - Untitled, 1989 Art style: Contemporary art Cynthia Morris "Cindy" Sherman is an American photographer and film director, best known for her conceptual portraits. In she was the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship.

Here is a short documentary on Cindy Sherman's studio practice. It's a great inside look into her process of conceiving and "becoming" her characters - especially if you need some inspiration for y...

“Northamerican photographer Cindy Sherman (New Jersey Known as member of the 'Painting Generation'”

cindy sherman (1954) Elle a beaucoup travaillé sur l'identité, qui est elle au final? Car ses autoportriats de femmes ne cessent de brouiller l'image que le public pourrait avoir de l'artiste, mais aussi de l'identité, du sexe, du genre, et des nombreux clichés. L'imitation devient stratégie identitaire, un moyen de déjouer les règles de l'identification sociale.

CINDY SHERMAN (B. Untitled signed, numbered and dated 'Cindy Sherman (on the backing board) chromogenic print.

One photo from a series of eight that Sherman shot in 1975, showing a woman—herself, as always—miming orgasm. In the seventh photo, she shows herself smoking and in the last she's put on her hat to leave.

Rare Cindy Sherman Self Portraits From Austria’s Verbund (Photos)

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