ProForm 935 E Elliptical Trainer

Breast size and shape are often sources of insecurity for women. Many women believe there’s nothing they can do about the shape or size of their breasts, other than plastic surgery.

AM Artworks - "Imperfect Preterite" Info sale

I love it /// NEW ! - mylovt - Antonio Mora - takes found photos and creates collages.

Colorful Studies of an Artist’s Hands Layered With Flowers and Bees

This is definitely what you call art! Great Job at this to the one who made it! Colorful Studies of an Artist’s Hands Layered With Flowers and Bees

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustrations; fashion design development; fashion portfolio // Valeria Pulici

Portfolio ss16 overview

Fashion Sketchbook showing fashion illustrations, fashion design developmen, fashion portfolio created by Valeria Pulici

ARTS THREAD - Emily Edge - Into the Sea (Follow on Collection)

Q&A with Eily O' Connell, Project 51

Fashion Portfolio layout - fashion design development with sea-inspired prints - fashion mood board; fashion illustration // Emily Edge - Really strong look with all illustrations using the same pose.

Best of NYFW S/S 2017 Street Style

Outfits and Looks, Ideas & Inspiration Street Style Nueva York - Go to Source -

New idea for portrait drawing . . . Mix up the face into shapes! 280 x 408

ARTFINDER: Monochrome by andy butler - Pencil and graphite drawing on canvas. A very striking and powerful image of a beautiful woman. She had wonderful big eyes so I emphasised them by adding mo.

I first discovered Harding Meyer through my A-level art and have since really loved his distortion of model portraits found in the mass media.

I don't really like drawing portraits but this guy caught my attention. (Artist Harding Meyer distorts model portraits found in mass media.

alexandra levasseur | The Jealous Curator | Bloglovin’

alexandra levasseur (The Jealous Curator)

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// alexandra levasseur

justanothermasterpiece: mdma by exo~ on Flickr.

Mixed Media art - mdma (by exo~)