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I've actually drawn the line at suspenders. but two people have separately bought me check suspenders as gifts.

Skinhead Style Across the pond, rebellious London youth favored reggae music and adopted a unique style of their own. Consisting of MA-1 bomber jackets, Fred Perry polos tucked into Levi's jeans with suspenders, and Doc Martens shoes, the skinhead style was accessorized with shaved heads and fedoras. Contrary to popular belief, there were many black skinheads-after all, Jamaican Rude Boys had a huge influence in the subculture.

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About bleachers (& why we sell them):  Our most popular products are the bleached jeans ("bleachers”], the essential item for any skinhead. All of our bleachers are handmade, using quality vintage jeans to give every pair a worn.   Only domestic bleach is used in the process - never any sprays or paints - and we aim to give each customer what they want (if you want something specific, let us know!).  Finally, because each pair is handmade in London, no pair of bleachers is the same as…

About bleachers (& why we sell them): Our most popular products are the…


SHARP recognized their own anti-racist, bi-racial history of English mods and Jamaican rude boys.

Photo: Ulli Richter  For

Photo: Ulli Richter For

IT 1969-05-09 - Skinhead article

IT - Skinhead article