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I started pre school when I was pre school was called morning side pre school.Imet my first real friend there but after pre school I hardly ever saw her again.

Tough spot number practice with wet cotton wool buds:)

Tough spot number practice with wet cotton wool buds:) Number Recognition Activity - You could use this to practice number recognition and also number bonds. Find OR find 4 + 4

Our finger gym activity this week :)

To make easier, you could use bigger cups (for a bigger target). You could also use a bigger spoon (and don't put a lot of the filling on the spoon so it's easier to not spill).

One to one correspondence

Loose Parts Number Exploration Math Activity Fine Motor Skills, Gift for Kids, Montessori Classroom, Reggio Emilia, Teacher Resources

Beautiful Classroom Design! Check out this student-friendly space with flexible seating, learning centers, and lots of options for collaborative and student-led learning. Tons of pictures in the post!

Classroom Eye Candy 2: The Learning Lounge

Classroom Eye Candy: The Learning Lounge - This no-desks classroom dazzles with bright pops of color, tons of student choice, and a Tardis that’s more than meets the eye. Enjoy the second classroom in the Classroom Eye Candy series!

Interactive Sight Word Notebooks for Kindergarten

This sight word notebook has been a part of my weekly homework routine for many years. It is a great independent routine for your students to practice their sight words at home or at school. It could be used for morning work or in a literacy center.

Preserving A Spider Web: How to

Put real spiderwebs on paper. great way to preserve/ examine a spiderweb - Interesting!I'd have to get close enough to the spider web to actually do this.