Kate Malone

Kate Malone’s appreciation for natural forms and her use of brightly coloured glazes make her one of my favorite ceramicists. Her work is strongly sculptural and drawn from nature, celebratin…

Kate Malone: Blue Atomic Baby Vase

Blue Atomic Baby Vase by Kate Malone

EXHIB: Gold and Black Atomic Vase. Kate Malone. 2012. Canada Square. January 2014.

One of a pair of 'Gold and Black Atomic Vases' by British artist Kate Malone. Crystalline-glazed stoneware, 7 x in. via Adrian Sassoon

Kate Malone: Colour Wheel Atomic Bowl

Colour Wheel Atomic Bowl by Kate Malone

Kate Malone: Small Tutti Frutti Fence

Small Tutti Frutti Fence by Kate Malone