Fuzzy Brown Bear Craft. Fun art project for toddlers, preschoolers, or kindergarteners, using textured paint.

Fuzzy Brown Bear Craft

This cute little bear craft was easy and fun! We made it as part of our bear themed weekly home.

Another Sorting Idea with Bear Family Counters. Look how the tray keeps everything organized to help children define their space and clean up easier. Use with The Three Bears unit

We're going on a bear hunt EYFS

Going on a bear hunt! Color matching, fine motor, and fun!

Bring a bear day sample for hibernation day

Perfect to introduce new daycare-Bring a bear day sample for hibernation day or camping theme bear hunt

Teddy Bear Picnic Toddler Lunch Menu - Teddy sandwiches!

September Home Party - "Teddy Bear Day": Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy sandwiches!

Whew! We're cruising right along with the alphabet and amazingly made it to letter T already! With our focus on teddy bears we'll be doing some gummy bear sorting and graphing. To practice our f...

Letter T – Teddy Bear Sorting

teddy bear song and gummy bear sorting printable

Great file folder game for your Pre-K and Preschool classrooms.

Dress the Bear File Folder Game

Glitterbugs Preschool - Goldilocks and the three bears

Glitterbugs Preschool - Goldilocks and the three bears

Totally Tots: Mommy Made Printables ~ Bears

Week 1 circle time bear song students will be able to count along with the bears in the song with little assistance

Snack time for Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Butterfly Snacks A Super Cute Party Treat You'll Love

Davis Vision - Peanut Butter Banana Bear Toasts make a perfect breakfast snack! Use toasted wheat bread with creamy peanut butter, and add banana slices and blueberries for eyes and ears.

moppets use a sheet instead of parachute - circle time or outside activity.

T's First Grade Class: teddy bear picnic games

Bear dough from Rachel (",)


Bear dough from Rachel (",):

Math and literacy learning through imaginative play! A fabulous invitation to play for toddlers and preschoolers with Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Goldilocks & the Three Bears: Retelling Through Imaginary Play

This experiences does not have to be limited to the story of 'goldilocks and the three bears' choose a story that uses the childrens prior knowledge and interests. Acting out this story promotes dramatic/imaginative play.

Bear sewing cards (free printable) from Rachel (",)


A few activities linked with an interest in bears, suitable for an Early Years setting - shared by Stimulating Learning with Rachel

extension activities for goldilocks

10 Activity Ideas for Goldilocks And The Three Bears!

extension activities for goldilocks

Teddy Bear Picnic 2014

Teddy Bear Picnic 2014 Can be turned into invites