LLLink Smith

LLLink Smith

I love Legend of Zelda, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, anime, Attack on Titan!!! Star Wars and Vocaloid
LLLink Smith
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This is too funny!

Funny pictures about Ninja academy. Oh, and cool pics about Ninja academy. Also, Ninja academy.

Writer? Murderer? You'll never know.

Or Murderer? Haha this is so accurate it hurts <<< is it at all like a plastic knife stabbing you in the gut perhaps?

Planning for murder

Planning for murder<<<I would dramatically throw the ice cube over my shoulder while saying "your the one who said the cold didn't bother you anyway"

"I SHIP IIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT SOOOOOOO HARD" Come on, that challenge was begging to be accepted.

Lets make this submarine a ship!<<Is it sad that we're shipping a pen and a book?<<< if people can ship a skeleton and a goat and a notepad with a clock, I believe we can ship a pen and a book


Prima-donna level skillz// it looks like cotton candy :D <--- she transformed into Effie Trinket

Do you know how hard I ship it?<what, the ice cream man or the ice cream cone?