Brutalist Stair Downtown Atlanta

Brutalist Stair Downtown Atlanta, photo by Isaiah King - Brutalist architecture is a style of architecture that flourished from the to the spawned from the modernist architectural movement. Brutalism rapidly became popular with governments

gottfried böhm, pilgrimage church

pilgrimage church, maria königin des friedens, neviges, germany architect: gottfried böhm, this photo was uploaded with a CC license and may be used free of charge and in any way

London Barbican

Barbican Centre, London (by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon,

gottfried böhm, bensberg town hal

For day six of architecture week 2012 I take a look at the work of architect Gottfried Böhm.

UNESCO Headquarters, Paris.

Marcel Breuer, Pier Luigi Nervi and Bernard Zehrfuss Architects, 1958

The First Church of Christ, Scientist designed by I.M. Pei

I forgot the name of the school. UPDATE: The First Church of Christ, Scientist designed by I.