AS Photography Sketchbook, Brainstorm page example

AS Photography Sketchbook, Brainstorm, 'Structure and Environment', Thomas Rotherham College, 2014

Black pages with white writing

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This one caught my eye the most. I can also use my sketchbook landscape rather than always portrait. Go crazy basically.

Photography Sketchbook Ideas – 16 Inspirational Examples

Sketchbooks provide an opportunity for students to investigate ideas and experiment with different techniques, without producing finished images.

AS Level Photography Example Sketchbook

Take a look through our examples of sketchbooks from our Photography Course. All students are encouraged to work in our sized sketchbooks.

A way to lay out my sketchbook??

100+ Creative Photography Ideas

Dan Winters Photography - Potential artist research. Did narrative photography w/ Brad Pitt. (AND HE PHOTOGRAPHED BENEDICT )

Known for the broad range of subject matter he is able to interpret, he is widely recognized for his celebrity portraiture, his scientific photography, his photographic illustration and his photojournalistic stories.

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