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half up- Irrelephant

Half up half down with a pearl bridal hair comb (I would do daisies though). I kind of imagine something simple like this. I don't think I would fuss much with my hair, because it never stays in an up-do anyways. even though I kinda might want an up-do

Classy Cottage coastal-entry. For the traditional drawer pulls click below:

Classy Cottage - beach style - entry - charleston - K & K Custom Cabinets LLC. Good idea for an entry way.

"For a country version of fitted wardrobes, build a bank of cupboards of different sizes and front them with stable-style doors and oversized ‘farmyard’ ironmongery." Photograph Credit: Camera Press / ACP / Michael Wee.

Instead of a dresser that takes up space in a small room, design built in shelves and use baskets for storage & organizing. A wonderful idea it looks great as well!