A dragon is for life, not just for Hogswatch! Original painting by Anne Stokes. I think my Hero and I would both love to wake up to such a cute little one holiday morning. :)

"Magical Arrival" Who wouldn't want to wake up on Christmas morning with a baby dragon in their sock? "A dragon is for life not just for Yuletide" - wise words! Yule cards published by Eastgate Resource. Available for license.

Hogswatch card with Death as the Hogfather and Alfred as the Elf, by Paul Kidby

Death as the Hogfather, with Albert on Hogswatch Night by Paul Kidby

Hogswatch Greeting cards

Hogswatch Greeting cards offered by Discworld Emporium

Hogswatch carols sung by the Ankh-Morpork Beggars, by Paul Kidby

The Canting Crew by Paul Kidby (Foul Ole Ron, The Duck Man, Coffin Henry, Arnold Sideways, Altogether Andrews and Gaspode the dog)

Hogswatch surprise by Paul Kidby

The Raven & THe Death of Rats (and other small rodetns and possibly budgees)

Hogswatch Boar - $1.00

Discworld Stamp Catalogue [Stamp] Hogswatch Boar One Dollar Hogfather Snow Hogswatch Hogswatch

Hogfather Nouveau (Discworld). There's a Death one too.

Hogfather Nouveau Tee - Inspired by Discoworld - Happy Hogswatch!

Hogswatch card by *Pika-la-Cynique on deviantART

The final version of my Hogswatch card for , as was not finished by the deadline.

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