this picture is surreal because it is showing a teen loosing pieces from his face. This shows that he is either dying or falling apart. I choose this picture because it is the most satisfying and surreal one i could find. - Jorge Figueroa Block D.

18-Year-Old Creates Surreal Artworks to Express Emotions

desmemórias - lucas simões This is a perfect Inspiration for the GCSE question on Disguises

Experiments in Photography by Lucas Simões

UNPORTRAIT BY LUCAS CHIMELLO SIMÕES Brazilian artist Lucas Chimello Simões creates cut-outs by stacking layers of the same photo and then cutting shapes out to create a collage effect.

Shop | Giles Oldershaw  Could make into a cool collograph print

Cardboard Portraits - Cardboard relief portraits created from ordinary cardboard boxes by Giles Oldershaw, intricately exacto'd into stunning multi-dimentional and textured images.


Collage Creating graphical designs with beautiful words, photos and patterns is my hobby. While none of these images are mine, I enjoy combining them to create a graphic ‘edit’ or ‘collage.

I'm not realistically suggesting we do something like this, but I love the way they have utilised the depth of the window space when hanging things. We have assumed that we want to display large images of faces, however we could consider smaller images, displayed with more fluidity.

massmoca: Exhibition Making Room is open until January Make sure to stop and see Chloe Ostmos’ installation.

Michael Murphy. Portrait. A new twist on a portrait I like it as it can be done on a laser cutter.

Assault Rifle Graphic Illusion Made From Ping Pong Balls

Multi-layered sculptures - by Micheal Murphy . Michael Murphy challenges the boundaries between the second and third dimensions in his art. What appears to be a painting is, in fact, a series of dissected layers, forming…

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See Instagram photos and videos from CHLOE SHEPPARD (@eolhcsheppard)

See Instagram photos and videos from CHLOE SHEPPARD (@eolhcsheppard)

I like this idea of having peoples faces in frames, but the frames are computer screens and other technology to show the technology of today and the different face behind the screen. Showing that some people lie and pretend to be someone else on the internet. This links to the theme because its showing the growth of technology.

Mixed-Media Installations by Annette Messager. “Mainly known for her installation work, French artist Annette Messager often incorporates photographs, prints and drawing into a final sculptural project.