Easy strawberry yogurt bark. A refreshing twist on eating yogurt and yummy snack for the kids!

ADD PISTACHIOS - Strawberry Yogurt Bark is a delectable dessert for the next baby shower or girls’ night. You only need two ingredients for this incredibly easy recipe and it goes great with fruity, refreshing cocktails.

Syn Free BLT Bites | Slimming World

These Syn Free BLT Bites are a perfect Slimming World friendly snack when you just fancy something to nibble on, and they couldn't be easier to make!

Cooking chick peas as a snack x 3

Chick Peas a Go Go!

Cooking chick peas as a snack x 3 - this pic is done with curry powder though I've used mild chili powder and fry light which I added before putting to the oven. (And you may keep yourself warm too!

The Slimming Mama: Slimming World Egg Muffins (syn free)

For this I used: 1 tub of fat free onion and chive cottage cheese 5 eggs Smoked ham Cherry tomatoes Salt and pepper to season In a jug.

Slimming world egg custard

Slimming world syn free egg custards. My husband loves egg custards but is yet to be converted to slimming world foods lol he says it's like real food just without the taste lol

Lyndsey Little Treasures: Syn FREE Microwaved Crisps ready in 5 minutes!

Yes you sure did read the title correctly. Hang out the flags and do a celebration wiggle for I have uncovered a little gem of a recipe!

Delicious family dessert - Quark and Lemon Mousse

Quark & Lemon Mousse Recipe: Recipe of the day is this delicious Quark Lemon Mousse, it is zingy, light and fresh, perfect after a light meal, or whenever you fancy a treat. Using The Lake District Dairy Co. Quark instead of double

This really works!! Top with berries instead of yoghurt. Its moist enough and you get your speed in :)

Similar to the weetabix cake,exactly the same but with weetabix as a base. Makes it that much more filling.