Watercolour painting

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John Lovett - Untitled (watercolour)

John Lovett using a brush only (love the brush technique. My fabulous teacher and artist friend, Win Jones, had us do this to loosen us up and to learn the potential of using all the surfaces of the brush.

John Lovett :  a great example of focusing on a spot and blurring out surrounding to elevate the contemporary aspect of the work... great assignment inspiration !

John Lovett - Outside the windows gray and frowning , dirty and noisy. Winter in all thoughts of spring. A little color , joy and freshness to you from John Lovett .

The light in the sky of this painting was added by wetting the entire sky, mixing some white gouache with a small amount of water then dropping it on to the area above the focal point and letting it spread. After the sky dried, tree details were carefully flicked in over the gouache with a rigger brush. ~John Lovett

Which White - Gouache or Gesso? - John Lovett Incorporating White Gouache and Gesso into your watercolor and Mixed Media Paintings produces some fantastic effects but which one should you use, and when?