Brandy Cumberbatch

Brandy Cumberbatch

In Hell where I belong / Nerdy, nonbinary, pansexual Mexican American who needs to get a life
Brandy Cumberbatch
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Is everyone going to ignore that the kid who plays voldemort looks like the guy who plays Jace Wayland?

Awww Magnus needs love too~ (Malec comic, Alec, Magnus, Mortal Instruments, Shadowhunters)

starkid ~ Holy Musical B I love Brian Holden too! lol he cracks me up. Cause I do my damn job!" XD <<< Brian's characters are always drinking

If you get this reference you're totally awesome :p    Magical accessory for life  by ~alphonze191

Special present for Scarf of sexual preference and the sorting hat Credit to Jk and Starkid. From Harry Potter and a very Potter musical / sequel. Magical accessory for life