I really like that the image comes forth from the negative space.  It is a very clever piece. Zebra by Måns Wikström

Raining Zebra by Måns Wikström.

show evolution of games: where we came from, where we are now

The Nintendo Game Boy turns 25

Super Mario Nintendo game that has changed drastically over the years visually as seen here.

Dawn Eaton - Love this food art. I actually painted an orange slice in this style, like this piece. Looks great!!

Sweet n' Tart - Dawn Eaton Acrylic Paints, Fruit (Grapefruit)

Global warming is the biggest threat to our world today. Species are endangered and habitats are destroyed because of the huge carbon output of human industries and activities each year.

Illustrations by Wenqing Yan

Illustrations by US based arist Wenqing Yan. Wenqing is a Practice of Art major at UC Berkeley with a focus on environmentalism and cyber activism. She specializes in digital art but also enjoy traditional watercolor, sculpting, and origami.

New Portraits Drawn on Maps and Star Charts by Ed Fairburn

Portraits on maps- never seen it before, cool idea!

Peeled Clementine, J Palmer Daily painting Original Oil still life Art

Peeled Clementine, J Palmer Daily painting Original Oil still life Art

Good use of the orange peel to make a spiral pattern.

Comparative Evolution with Embryos. - (more like comparative growth than evolution)

Comparative Evolution with Embryos. - (more like comparative growth than evolution) Evolution - All organisms change or evolve to adapt

Ice lolly being eaten, structure unable to last therefore ephemeral

end of board 2 - start of board 3

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Epic Art Achilles by Marc Allante Achilles: Reproduction giclee print OBA-free canvas Professionally stretched on bar with gallery wrap Ready to hang Made in the USA Material: Ink on canvas Care: Dust with a dry cloth Brand: Epic Art Origin: United States

Carbon Footprints Art: charcoal still life drawings of trash - Jo Bradney

original charcoal drawing - Fries to Go // still life of empty coke and fast food fries

WATCHED A BUTTERFLY HATCH FROM IT'S CHRYSALIS.  Both Monarchs and Swallowtails....it amazes me every time!

Mexico monarch butterfly population smallest in years, study says

Monarch Emergence by Animal Explorer. The butterfly hadn't even had a time to spread and dry his wings yet.

Interior vs. Exterior- what lies beneath against what we see on top, could be interesting with how you view yourself and how others view you

Relationship between life and death. inside, outside: No information about this but it is two different photographs put together to create a half skull, half face image. That heavily relates to the theme of inside, outside and in between.

Metamorphosis drawing  Lesson idea: how can something transform into something else?  science integration-metamorphism  math integration-intro to tessellation? further reading: http://www.designboom.com/contemporary/koiklub.html

3D koi morph by koiklub

Jim Henson ProArt Gallery One / Metamorphosis: Objects to Animals Drawing

rotten apple core - Google Search

To prevent our food from spoiling, our refrigerators are solely dependent on the reliability of our nation’s power grid. Sometimes unforeseen disasters will occur that can cause power outages, which in turn threaten our family’s health and safety.

Seedheads ,Seed Pods and Seed Picture , Photo Metaphor and Inspiration for CAPI Art Students at milliande.com, seed, pod, nature, science, plant, beginnings, life

Seedheads ,Seed Pods and Seed Picture