danielle kroll's sketchbook <3

Pickles, ponies, and party dresses! Now THAT is a sketchbook! And the creator of these amazing “sketches”… Brooklyn based artist, illustrator, AND designer Danielle Kroll.

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by Czech illustrator Miroslav, included in his book, Stone Is Not Cold, where brings to life famous sculptures from London, Rome and the Vatican City in irreverent vignettes from everyday life." (via Brain Pickings)

Stone Is Not Cold: Miroslav Šašek’s Playful Vintage Children’s Illustrations of Classical Sculpture

Stone Is Not Cold M. Sasek ~ Citadel, 1961 Since we were talking M. Sasek last week, thought I'd dig this up for a bit of sunshine.

Bibliography 2010, Chris Kenny   Construction with hand-made books and found text   30 x 30 x 3 inches

bibliografia - another Chris Kenny fave!