Art Deco…black & gold

Art deco pattern I absolutely adore this pattern - suddenly i'm a fan of (*gasp*) WALLPAPER (how amazing would this be in a front entrance hall? or bathroom? or even as the backing in bookcase shelves?

This is a good idea for a wall mural

10 Unusual & Beautiful Details to Steal for Your New Bathroom

Lovely Moroccan #Tiles

Moroccan mosaic tile work by Daniel Gilbey, This looks like one piece of art that Emily would create. I say this because she likes the patterns Muslim artwork. She told Amir she loves Moroccan tiles , everything that's in a Matisse.


modern floor and layout design Concrete floors that look like wood. Perfect for laundry room floor. the floor Outdoor Space Makeover: Painte.

Black & White Marble Floor

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