The art of punk: Jamie Reid's cover art for the Sex Pistols 'God Save The Queen'

How I took on the New York Dolls

Sex Pistols. 1977 was the height of punk. the punk look was all about spiked hair, mohawks, tartan trousers, leather jackets, chains, dog-collars, black nail polish etc

The art of punk posters

Sex Pistols, Anarchy in the U. tour publication, Featuring London punk icon, Soo Catwoman, this magazine was designed by Jamie Reid for sale on the Sex Pistols’ 1976 Anarchy tour.

CvA278. Sex Pistols - "Silly Thing / Who Killed Bambi" 7" by Jamie Reid / Virgin 1979 / #Albumcover

Jamie Reid archive (Record cover) artwork for Sex Pistols - Silly Thing single (released on Virgin Records

God Save The Queen - Swastika Eyes (1977), Newsprint collage with ink on paper, 420mm x 297mm, Jamie Reid (Private collection Houston, TX)

God Save The Queen - Swastika Eyes Jamie Reid Jamie is famous for his covers he done for the Sex Pistols.

Sex Pistols, Pretty Vacant poster, UK, 1977. Design: Jamie Reid. Source: The Art of Punk (Omnibus Press)  The buses appear to come from David Jacobs’ design. Reid claims he sent the Situationist group the image in 1973

The Art of Punk and the Punk Aesthetic


Pretty Much Every Single Black Flag Flyer Designed by Raymond Pettibon

Linder is one of the protagonists of British late-1970s punk. Her artistic practice has always covered art, music, dance and fashion and unites various media, such as collage, photography, video and performance. With her uncompromising feminist approach, she questions socially coded ideas about gender and the sexual marketing of the female body.

Its Friday, and this week we are featuring feminist punk artist Linder Sterling.

Advert for the Sex Pistols' 'God Save The Queen' in NME, London: May 28, 1977

Signed by Jamie Reid, the Sex Pistols 1977 ''God Save the Queen'' Virgin Records original full page NME Magazine advertisement, to promote the Sex Pistols controversial second single released on 27 May 1977

Jamie Reid: Pinned - YouTube

Part of the artist Jamie Reid's DVD I made for ArcovA Productions. It collected together archive footage of the artist's rare interviews, and high res scans .

Buzzcocks, ad for their debut album Another Music in a Different Kitchen with artwork by Linder Sterling, 1978

Buzzcocks, ad for their debut album Another Music in a Different Kitchen with artwork by Linder Sterling, 1978

The Clash, London Calling album cover, 1979

18 The Clash London Calling The best record to come out of punk. In this double album, The Clash fused their rockabilly roots with their love of reggae,This was the album that legitimised punk into the rock canon. Its iconic cover, and songs abou