YouTube Fave Zoella Is Writing a Novel! Here's Everything You Need to Know

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❤️ to all those haters out there I don't honestly understand why you bother to hate on people, Zoe is perfect to me and I believe she wrote her book, girl online, and of you think differently;


My favourite picture of Zoella I watch her videos all the time it's the best thing and she makes me happy if I'm a bit down she helps everyone love u Zoella also love your brother joe I watch him and others x

Zoe Sugg

This is Zoella one of my idols and one of the prettiest people in the world ❤️❤️❤️

Zoella (Zoe sugg)

Tennyson has always been really outgoing, but people have been bullying her about her weight, even though she was a fairly normal size. She's stopped eating lunch now. Is your character in on the bullying or are they a friend?

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yeah, i know who this is, it's zoe sugg aka zoella, but i'm really pining for her awesome barbie top - sorry zoella fans!