Mika Bradshaw Birtles

Mika Bradshaw Birtles

Mika Bradshaw Birtles
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Beet & Rosemary Crackers | Daily Bites | Healthy Gluten-Free + Dairy-Free Recipes

Beet & Rosemary Crackers - this would work great as a raw recipe in the dehydrator!

19 Gorgeous Winter Inspired Nail Art Ideas

It’s Christmas Tomorrow! This is my last nail art design for christmas I think we don’t have christmas pudding in the Netherlands. But I found this so cute! It so easy to make. The white part of the nail.

Give this and sprite for an awesome holiday drink/gift! Christmas Gifts in a Jar - Candy Cane Vodka - Click pic for 25 DIY Christmas Gifts

For all you vodka drinkers out there ~ CANDY FLAVORED VODKA~Take a cup of sugar candy.Soak for two days in a Mason Jar filled with vodka.And, behold: Candy flavored vodka.