Childrens Playground...... by LS Lowry... Laurence Stephen Lowry.... 11/1/1887--2/23/1976.....from England

Childrens Playground Art Print by L S Lowry at King & McGaw. I like this print because it is playful. The children are wearing nice fall colors as well.

Town Centre, LS Lowry (1960)

Town Centre by L S Lowry - art print from King & McGaw

Loved this exhibition at Tate Britain early this year, industrial landscapes and matchstick men by L.S. Lowry

Lowry The Pond 1950 Oil on canvas support: 1143 x 1524 mm frame: 1410 x 1800 x 139 mm.

L.S. Lowry River Scene (Industrial Landscape) 1935

Lowry River Scene (Industrial Landscape) 1935 © The estate of L. Lowry All rights reserved, DACS 2013