Hannah Höch, Dompteuse (Tamer), 1930 Photomontage with collage elements, 14 x 10 1/4 inches

ABCD Self-portrait (deliberately random assemblage of newspaper clips and cutout letters) by Raoul Hausmann, 1923 Dadaism

Raoul Hausmann. The Art Critic 1919-20. Hausmann, a founder member of the Berlin Dada group, developed photomontage as a tool of satire and political protest. The fragment of a German banknote behind the critic’s neck suggests that he is controlled by capitalist forces. The words in the background are part of a poem poster made by Hausmann to be pasted on the walls of Berlin.

Raoul Hausmann The Art Critic Lithograph and photographic collage on paper support: 318 x 254 mm Purchased ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2002

Raoul Hausmann

Simple+ : Juxtaposition in 3 layers- buildings, hands, eyes (Addition) Raoul Hausmann

Raoul Hausmann, Dada (Collage for the First International Dada Fair in Berlin), 1920

“Self-portrait of the Dadasopher”, collage-photomontage, 1920 Austrian artist and writer Raoul Hausmann

John Stezaker - photomontage (like Raoul Hausmann and John Heartfield)

Old hollywood portraits given a new context. by british artist John Stezaker. *I'm obsessed.

Raoul HAUSMANN. Dada im gewöhnlichen Leben (DADA Cino), 1920. Collage et photomontage sur papier, 31.7 x 22.5, collection particulière

Raoul Hausmann Dada-Cino, 1920 photomontage, 12 x 8 in x cm)

Raoul Hausmann: The Spirit of Our Age - Mechanical Head, 1919

Very early steampunk, perhaps? Raoul Hausmann: The Spirit of Our Age - Mechanical Head, 1919

Photo of Raoul Hausmann taken by August Sander, 1927-28 Raoul Hausmann was considered an important figure in Berlin Dada.

Photo of Raoul Hausmann taken by August Sander, Raoul Hausmann was a founder of DADA. This photo by August Sander ( during the Weimar Republic) is one of the most famous portraits from this era.

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