Raoul Hausmann. The Art Critic 1919-20. Hausmann, a founder member of the Berlin Dada group, developed photomontage as a tool of satire and political protest. The fragment of a German banknote behind the critic’s neck suggests that he is controlled by capitalist forces. The words in the background are part of a poem poster made by Hausmann to be pasted on the walls of Berlin.

Fig Raoul Hausmann The Art Critic Lithograph and photographic collage on paper support: 318 x 254 mm Purchased ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2002

Raoul Hausmann

Simple+ : Juxtaposition in 3 layers- buildings, hands, eyes (Addition) Raoul Hausmann

Raoul Hausmann, Dada (Collage for the First International Dada Fair in Berlin), 1920

Self-portrait of the Dadasopher, collage-photomontage, 1920 by Raoul Hausmann (Austrian 1886 –

John Stezaker - photomontage (like Raoul Hausmann and John Heartfield)

Old hollywood portraits given a new context. by british artist John Stezaker.

Raoul Hausmann: The Spirit of Our Age - Mechanical Head, 1919

Very early steampunk, perhaps? Raoul Hausmann: The Spirit of Our Age - Mechanical Head, 1919

Raoul Hausmann: ABCD, 1920s. Raoul Hausmann

Raoul Hausmann Dada/ Social Critique, Anti-Art, Shock Value, Irrationalism/ This image combine different parts in magazine or news paper to create an ugly man.

Photo of Raoul Hausmann taken by August Sander, 1927-28 Raoul Hausmann was considered an important figure in Berlin Dada.

Photo of Raoul Hausmann taken by August Sander, Raoul Hausmann was a founder of DADA. This photo by August Sander ( during the Weimar Republic) is one of the most famous portraits from this era.

Edward Steichen, Philadelphia Museum of Art. Dada "Blockhead" is not always an insult

Raoul Hausmann, Mechanischer Kopf (Der Geist unserer Zeit) (Mechanical Head [The Spirit of Our Age]), c. 1920 - Dada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Raoul Hausmann Austrian, 1886–1971 Ein bürgerliches Präcisionsgehirn ruft eine Weltbewegung hervor (A Bourgeois Precision Brain Incites World Movement) (later known as Dada siegt [Dada Triumphs]), 1920

Dada Siegt ( 1920 ) by Raoul Hausmann: Hausmann was one of the most prominent Dadaist photocollage artists