kleidersachen - museumuesum: Rebecca Horn Arm Extensions, 1968 ...

Rebecca Horn, 'Arm Extensions' 1968 - 'Radical Thinkers: the art, sex and politics of feminism Tate Modern, Starr Auditorium Monday 9 February –

Rebecca Horn | Overflowing Blood Machine, 1970 [materiali: vetro, metallo, plastica, pompa elettrica, acqua e colorante; dimensioni, collezione: Tate]

Extending the Body: Rebecca Horn and Sense-Data by Meghan Trainor

Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn Der Eintänzer (Dance Partner) film still; Rebecca Horn kinetic sculpture: The Feathered Prison Fan (source)

Rebecca Horn, Scratching Both Walls at Once, 1974-1975. https://uk.pinterest.com/juancarlosconto/rebecca-horn/

Rebecca Horn, Berlin Exercises Film ‘Touching the walls with both hands simultaneously’ photo by Helmut Wietz

unicorn (rebecca horn: sculpture (static & kinetic), performance)

Rebecca Horn, Unicorn, 1970 A still from an early film made in 1970 about the ‘Einhorn’ ('Unicorn’) performance, in which a woman walks through the countryside for 12 hours with the 'Unicorn’ object.

Rebecca Horn 'Finger Gloves'

Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn, Finger Gloves, 1972 "Ideas of touch and sensory awareness are explored in this work.