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There are no words...WTF WERE THEY THINKING?! Sungyeol was dared to that, but what about the rest? SuJu, BYE!

There are no words.WTF WERE THEY THINKING? Sungyeol was dared to do that, but what about the rest? ( some Kpop airport fashions are questionable )

TOP x SE7EN Ooh! Bingu!!!!

I think I would faint being that close to top! But of course would act cool as hell with him first. And seven and top together is just a dream come true. Please be in the same room with me

That last one though xD

I see the similarities in all of them < the Immense appreciation for this post is real. Especially YG lol

Aigoo.. that's why he's Unique :"> and that made me fall in deeper

That's already normal If he hadn't done something weird it would have been abnormal XD

I have been waiting. . . for. . . a hella. long. time

I want that too happen too! BTS & Seventeen will both be at Kcon please Suga and Woozi make it happen and baekhyun

Only Heechul and Hongki! I swear! | allkpop Meme Center

No wonder Heechul and Hongki hang out together.they have so much in bashing their own company lol allkpop meme center

Yes this is me! - *raises hand* Me rn with the whole EXO-L vs BTS stuff.... I'm a fan of both groups, can't we all just get along?

I really do love all groups i even have bais from each group i dont understand fanwars at all like all kpop fandoms should team up and be one big fandom be the bigest fandom in the would kpop unite!