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this is old on tumblr but i really love this post lol | allkpop Meme Center

Love how they included Prince Manager. All of it is pretty much true, no lie. I still have to love Suju though :) all their weirdness included

Yes this is me! - *raises hand* Me rn with the whole EXO-L vs BTS stuff.... I'm a fan of both groups, can't we all just get along?

actually, i hate fanwars u know. cam we have no fanwar? people want peace in this world, we must respect each other. if u didnt want ur idol get hated by someone then dont hate other idol! like exo-l and army, pls NO MORE FANWAR

Daehyun and his kids XD

Hahahhahah and the fact that V talked about this during an interview makes it that much better.P Daehyun & BTS Jimim = BamBam and B.P Daehyun & EXO Baekyun = BTS V