Booom. Explosions can be so cool!

High Speed Photography is getting very popular day by day. High speed photography produces awesome results because of a relatively faster shutter speed.

Blurring can be used to create the illusion of motion. Here the motion that the dancer took is clear due to the blurring from one poison to the next.

This image was shot using a slow shutter speed in order see the subject’s movement iconic in the movement color scheme. This image shows a dancer wearing red in a blurry movement.

long exposures are beautiful!

Clouds ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Weather ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Color ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Swirl ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Phenomena ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ the sand glider by Ledon Jasper Samoranos

Birds flying overhead of shadow... how beautiful and marvelously different!

Sergio Larraín London, 1959 Black bird fly into the hear of night! A beautiful photo and a reminder that the birds are flying back for spring. A bird song in spring is ever so sweet.

Soul Projection: The user can project souls to varying degrees. (Either their own souls or the souls of others). Some users are able to manifest their soul in physical or near-physical form, allowing it to affect/attack non-spiritual beings/objects. (Self Portrait of Possession | by Kayleigh Von Grimm)

Dan Dyche - Photography: Horror Photography I think I can get this effect fairly easily. I really like the idea of showing a soul coming out of a body.

Elizabeth Tower, also known as Big Ben, in London with a red double decker bus zooming by.

I really love this photo because it has two of my favorite things, the city of London and photography. I love how they took a picture of Big Ben but also added in the color touches with the red bus.

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