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Architectural illustration, By Maja Wronska Watercolor, Negin's favorite style, detailed architectural sketches, Beautiful watercolor paintings of historical buildings

Howard Tanaye. (Sorry, do not know the title of this work. If you know her, please comment it and share it better. Thank you very much).

Howard Tangye: Uses mixed media within his figurative drawings such as acrylic, oil pastel, pen and pencil to create a layered yet simple effect. Taught fashion drawing to Stella McCartney etc.

Ekaterina Panikanova is a Russian artist who saves old books and reinvents them as canvas by painting individual scenes onto the pages.

Book Art by Ekaterina Panikanova

Book Paintings Ekaterina Panikanova via Colossal Artist Ekaterina Panikanova uses old books and other documents as a canvas for some seriously unbelievable paintings. They're almost collages, really. See more over at Colossal.


What do you want from a devil like me Paintings w texture make a bigger impact Gerhard Richter: Untitled April cm x cm. Oil on photograph.

Damien Blottière photography. More

-Nice collage effect that could be used as a post animation Damien Blottière photography.