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Connor Partner
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The vintage doggie walkers make a fantastic display at Petersham Nurseries Holiday 2013

Never have Enough - Wire Haired Fox Terriers! Vintage doggie walkers display at Petersham Nurseries.

Another hilarious funny meme from the house of funny. Click this picture to see a bunch more!

Funny pictures about Chief Wiggum's flawless logic. Oh, and cool pics about Chief Wiggum's flawless logic. Also, Chief Wiggum's flawless logic photos.

clean April Fool's joke

Brown E's - brownies ( April Fools with the brown cut out E'sjoke).Do you see what they did here with the brown cut out E's. Then they cover with foil. When family and friends open the brown E's they laugh and laugh.

#ocd i literally flinched when i saw this... Not sure if it's the Newton or the spelling error that bothers me more :S

Funny OCD Pictures To Drive You Crazy but only if you are OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Otherwise you can laugh at the obvious discomfort thatOCD people will get from these otherwise harmless pictures.


Dishfunctional Designs: Collecting & Displaying Collections Of Clocks THIS!things that mean a lot to us, on shelves in a room. i LOVE collections.