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Great ideas to reiterate reading and all phonic craft ideas for the children. Lovely ways to bring in fun with phonics to food, crafting, play and fun times for the children. Ways to educate whilst having fun with phonics. Teaching your pre-schoolers, and toddlers how to read from an early age.
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Letter alphabet for toddlers using scrapbook paper. This would be awesome using say 10cm high letters with magnets for the fridge to help Missy learn her letters - a bit nicer than primary coloured plastic!

Buy wooden letters at Hobby Lobby or your local craft supply store and glue scrapbook paper to them. - Buy wooden letters and have them pop off art work?

26 FREE beginning sound coloring pages! Color the pictures that start with each letter.

Free beginning sounds worksheets (updated

Letter sounds 26 free beginning sounds coloring pages! Have your child color the pictures that start with each letter.

Great Ideas on Using Play-doh in the classroom.... keep learning fun! Primary Possibilities

Great Ideas on Using Play-doh in the classroom. keep learning fun! This is a great way to teach number, time, and many other concepts. It helps the students be hand on with learning. However, the play doe could get messy.

At the end of the lesson students will be able to identify the letter H, know how to write the letter and the sound it makes

Use bingo marker for words too. Give child a bingo marker, a page with lots of words in big print, and a card with a sight word on it. Child marks all the words he finds.

Practice Printing Bags - A great fine motor activity and fun writing practice!...might add this as a choice for my spelling station!

Practice Printing Bags

Scribble Doodle and Draw: use paint baggies to practice printing letters, sight words, spelling words, etc. so many ways! --I like the addition of the qtip as the writing tool for fine motor practice!

free beginning blends clip cards

Free clip cards for beginning blends

Make your own rhyming dominoes and work on that super important literacy skill at home. Fantastic way to build phonological awareness!

Rhyming Dominoes and Speedracer Game - Learning After School

Rainbow writing salt tray + lots of rainbow-themed literacy ideas

Rainbow themed literacy activities

Beat the heat while practicing phonics with this fun water balloon game for kids. So fun they may not even realize it's a lesson! ;-) (via Mess for Less)

Water Balloon Phonics - Get Ready for K Through Play

Beat the heat with this water balloon phonics game.younger children can have initial letter on balloon and laminated pictures attached to fence. I think all kids would love this!

Play with cars and trucks and build literacy skills with these literacy ideas from growingbookbybook.com

Loads of Literacy Ideas for Car and Truck Play