Maggi Hambling

We are very proud to announce that The Art Wall at Kensington Place is now showing March Wave Breaking by the distinguished contemporary artist Maggi Hambling.

Occupied Space 2008 - Maggi Hambling

Maggie Hambling Wave Tunnel, 2008 oil on board x 12 cm

BBC - Maggi Hamblings sea paintings & the Aldeburgh Scallop

Suffolk artist Maggi Hambling's Scallop sculpture is one of the most famous in Britain, but her work with the coast continues with her North Sea paintings. She feels the pull of the waves .

Maggi Hambling - New Sea Sculpture Paintings and Etchings

This shows movement because of the way the artist drew and painted the wave. It makes our eyes move around the painting imagining the wave to come down.

Maggi Hambling

artnet Galleries: Wave Breaking, Morning by Maggi Hambling from Marlborough Fine Art Ltd.

Bold Breaking Waves by Maggi Hambling - My Modern Metropolis

Bold Breaking Waves by Maggi Hambling

Maggi Hambling bring forth the energy and power of waves through her beautiful oil paintings. The sea has become an obsession for Hambling who starts each