Nan Goldin - Misty and Jimmy Paulette in a taxi, NYC

Nan Goldin ‘Misty and Jimmy Paulette in a taxi, NYC’, 1991 © Nan Goldin, courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery, New York

'Among Friends' 1992 by Nan Goldin. Two transvestite males preparing for an outing or two men getting ready for a show? We can't be sure but the man on the right has an engaging, almost sultry gaze, and his effeminate pose and hand on his friend's shoulder hint at the possibility of him being homosexual.

Nan Goldin - Jimmy Paulette and Taboo! in the bathroom, NYC; Creation Date: Medium: Dye destruction print. Dimensions: 16 X 24 in X cm)

Kanny, by Nan Goldin

Glam! The Performance of Style, Tate Liverpool, review

Ivy wearing a fall, Boston NAN GOLDIN

Nan Goldin, Ivy wearing a fall, Boston, Guggenheim Museum

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