Hypnotic Fusion of Portraits by Antonio Mora - My Modern Metropolis

Hypnotic Fusion of Portraits by Antonio Mora

Spanish photographer Antonio Mora fuses standard portraits with landscape, animal, and abstract photography, resulting in extraordinary combinations.

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vvolare: “ "Ghost of A.I," acrylic on paper Bo Christian Larsson - 2012 ”

Multiple Exposure Series by Simone Primo

Multiple Exposure Series by Simone Primo. I like these pictures because they cleverly join two pictures together. Because the pictures are in the shape of a person, the picture inside could be representing emotions/feelings.

The story of a man // photography by Grant Legan. Models: Daina Fischer & Ryan Underwood for Glasshouse Shirtmakers.

Re-gram from Grant Legan from our editorial photo shoot for Glasshouse Shirtmakers . This is just the first stop on tonight’s photo shoot endeavor! (at Gaslight Coffee Roasters)

Seeing the city streets from above. Through heights we can see how the photogropher see's the city below.

Woman on a ledge: Artist creates vertigo-inducing images of herself perched precariously on top of some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers

The images above become 10 times more impressive when you learn they’re self portraits. Ahn Jun’s portfolio revolves around self portraits captured in precarious situations. Death-Defying Self Portraits Taken at the Edge of the World via Fubiz

Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe - White Gauze, 1984 I love this photo because I love Robert Mapplethorpe. He is one of my favorite artists. I love how this is black and white I love how you cannot tell what gender or race the people underneath the gauze are.

Barbara KRUGER. You are not yourself. 1984. American conceptual/pop artist Barbara Kruger was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1945 and left there in 1964 to attend Syracuse University. Early on she developed an interest in graphic design, poetry, writing and attended poetry readings.

This is called Untitled (You are not yourself), by Barbara Kruger, This is another edited image by here with a very direct message addressing feminism.

Tea bag dress

what is it about paper dresses that i love so? uk artist, jennifer collier fashions and frames them so sweetly. tea bag dress via heart handmade.

Love this! With the exception of Amy Winehouse...Jim Morrison should be in her place.

The Club James Dean Amy Winehouse Buddy Holly Sid Vicious Kurt Cobain Jimmi Hendrix Skull Skelton

Annegret_Motherhood.jpg (618×920) Annagret Soltau

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so funny - Irena Werning's "back to the future" images.  recreating your childhood photos.  I'm certain I have a few from back in the day that would make for a great reenactment.

Buenos Aires photographer Irina Werning in which adults recreate childhood photos. Via Ignant.