Mummy and The Bear

Mummy and The Bear

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Mummy and The Bear
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Food Market: Home corner and Maths

DIY Parisian Play Market Bountiful little shop using a secondhand hutch. She stocked it full of his existing play food and added extra items. This is a store after all. We love that this play market acts as self-storage for all the play food and related

Role play farm shop with real ffruit and veg kids love it.

Role play farmers market (with real fruits & vegetables or pretend; if real you can having a tasting graph and sample eating contest and take some extra home to share with their families)!

Vector illustrations telling the story of Little Red Hen: Emily Skinner

Vector illustrations telling the story of Little Red Hen working hard to sow and grow and harvest and bake while her lazy friends pig, cat and duck don't offer to help her.

Little Red Hen Display - Reception

The children used a range of media to create 'The Little Red Hen' collage display. The children retold the story verbally before creating.